Our Story So Far

We are

The Andean Medical Mission,  is well known for providing good quality eye care advice and treatment from our regular surgical trips.

We love

Quite simply to make a difference by providing a service that is often taken for granted in the western world. Help us with our mission.

Sight saving surgery for now and the next generation.

According to the World Health Organization, Bolivia is the poorest nation in South America and citizens who live in rural areas are disproportionately affected by poverty. 

43% of the population lives below the international poverty line and 23% live below the international extreme poverty line.

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Charity Timeline

Bolivian Covid-19 Vaccination

Invited to join the Bolivian Covid19 vaccination programme. Utilizing our logistics expertise and knowledge of traveling to isolated communities, AMM teams have so far vaccinated over 2400 patients

Online Consultations

Set up online consultations for village doctors where they can get a diagnosis and treatment plan for their patients from a UK ophthalmologist within a couple of hours

1,000 Patient Procedures

We have now performed over 1,000 essential and sight saving procedures on patients in Bolivia

Doctor Training

We trained over 100 Bolivian village doctors in managing eye emergencies and ocular trauma

Bolivian Base

Our General Manager moved to Bolivia to ensure continuous provision of eyecare services

500th Surgical Patient

We reached the milestone of having helped our 500th previously blind patient to see again

The Anna Rosa Story

We operated on our first bilaterally blind baby with amazing results. LINKlinklinklink

Mobile Eye Hospital

The purchase & import of quality surgical equipment allowed us to start planning regular trips and services

1st Bolivian Surgical Trip

Our 1st exploratory trip uncovered the need for eye care services in Northern Bolivia

Charity Formed

In 2011 a group of medical professionals came together to form The Andean Medical Mission